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If you were not upgraded on any game and you could get upgraded on one. Which one would it be
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 75% [ 9 ]
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 25% [ 3 ]
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 0% [ 0 ]
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Alpha Shadow Wolf
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PostSubject: Rules   Rules I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 20, 2008 3:34 am

Please abide by these rules.

Do not write over an edit by a moderator. If it breaks a rule of this forum below, please contact me including what the mod had said. I will deal with him/her but please DO NOT WRITE OVER A MODERATOR'S EDIT.

1) No profanity, inappropriate material, or content.
2) No illegal content.
3) No harassment.
4) No flaming.
5) No trolling.
6) No spamming (advertising, bumping, and multi-posting included, see below).
7) No trick links/pranking
Cool Stay on topic.
9) No whining.
10) Game accounts (No giving away/selling account/s, begging, offering upgrades)
11) No spoilers.
12) Game ideas are free to be said in this forum
13) Signature Restrictions (500x100, file size 50KB or less, no quote tags) and Rules
14) Account Responsibility - Protect your password; keep it updated.
15) Cheating/hacking discussions and accusations
16) No multiple accounts.
17) No plagiarism.
18) No backseat/mini-modding.
19) No posting for banned members at any time
20) Foreign Languages - not allowed without translation
21) Release of Other Userís Private or Personal Information
22) Staff can delete or lock messages at any time
23) No impersonating a moderator
24) Moderators and Staff have the final say
25) There is a maximum of 5 smilies per post but 10 maximum for any moderator but only in the forum they moderate in.
26) Please do not edit a moderators edit to your post
1 report=warning
2 reports=warning and your rank may be taken away
3 reports=Banned for a day
4 reports=Banned for a week
5 reports=Banned for life
(Within a month)

No spamming. If spamming occures i'll get out my Ban Hammer

If you wish to be a moderator you must pm me with the forum you want to mod and why
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